Service Catalog

Assigned Service Delivery Manager

An Assigned Service Delivery Manager (SDM) works with you and the assigned ESSC engineer to facilitate resolution of service requests and escalations to the ESSC. The Assigned Service Delivery Manager brings experience with coordinating and facilitating interaction between technical teams in your organization and the ESSC.

In addition, during a Priority 1 service request the Assigned Service Delivery Manager is your primary resource for coordinating ESSC response with internal and 3rd parties. The Assigned Service Delivery Manager provides regular and comprehensive updates on ESSC progress, and will facilitate meetings when needed to expedite resolution.

Assigned Support Engineer

Solution support customers receive one or more assigned ESSC support engineers with expert knowledge in the primary products composing the solution. The Assigned Support Engineer is the first point of contact for all technical issues.

The Assigned Support Engineer will “intake” your solution prior to the commencement of support in order to gather information on the technical and business environment for support, including relevant 3rd-party products, business processes driving the solution, and relationships with other service and product vendors. By continually updating this information, the ESSC ensures that resolution to service requests is timely and accurate.

In addition to Assigned ESSC Support Engineers, all ESSC product experts maintain sufficient knowledge of your solution in order to provide 100% support coverage for your organization.

Authorized Contacts

Authorized contacts are the primary technical contacts on your staff for the ESSC, and are enabled to contact the ESSC using Supportal, e-mail, and phone. In addition, Authorized Contacts receive periodic announcements and updates regarding vendor changes that may affect your solution.

Dedicated Support Engineer

A Dedicated Support Engineer provides the highest level of services to your organization. A Dedicated Support Engineer has only your issues and processes to consider, and is fully committed to the maintenance of your critical systems and business environment.

As with the ESSC Assigned Engineer, the ESSC assigns additional engineers as necessary to ensure 100% coverage when the dedicated engineer is not available.


Solution Support customers receive periodic notifications from the ESSC about new releases and updates for your installed products, including releases and upgrades to Open Source components in your environment.

Onsite Troubleshooting

In some case remote access to systems is not enough. The ESSC provides local support engineers and consultants on short notice for onsite troubleshooting of system issues.

Onsite troubleshooting provides assistance at your location within service levels that match your business requirements.

Phone, E-mail and Web-based Support

The ESSC uses a variety of methods to ensure rapid response of ESSC Support Engineers when needed.  Mail and web-based support can be used to contact the ESSC for mid- and low-priority service requests, and phone support provides fast access to ESSC staff for high priority incidents.

Proactive Support Services

Maintaining knowledge on complex Middleware environments can be costly and time-consuming for your information technology department, and can distract staff from company business-strategic projects. The ESSC supports a wide range of proactive services from proactive patch verification and life cycle management, to direct maintenance of existing systems.

Product Support

Middleware applications depend on the stability and configuration of vendor products, and the ESSC maintains expert-level knowledge on the vendor-provided components of the system.

The ESSC provides 1st and 2nd line product support, and maintains back-to-back relationships with vendors in order to facilitate escalation when product defects are discovered.

Additionally, our ability to leverage the extensive knowledge within our integration partners and experience working with the Open Source community, enhance our ability to support products where no formal vendor support channel exists.

Re- active Support Services

ESSC Services provide support for the entire solution, from the software to customized components, 7/24.  The ESSC will respond according to the service levels you choose, and will immediately take actions to bring your systems back to normal operations.

ESSC engineers will immediately begin to analyze the situation, and examine scenarios for rapid restoration of systems to normal functions. If a rapid resolution is not possible, or if analysis reveals a product or solution fault, the ESSC will provide a workaround if possible in order to provide continuity of services to end-users.

Remote Analysis and Troubleshooting

System and issue analysis can require ESSC engineers to directly observe the issue as it occurs, and can speed resolution of complex issues by assisting local staff in retrieving debugging information.  The ESSC can utilize existing permanent or on-demand remote access solutions (e.g. VPN, Citrix, WebEx etc.).

When remote access is required, the ESSC will coordinate with your staff to duplicate and observe the issue through the remote connection.

Remote Maintenance

Remote maintenance provides the added assurance that the operation and health of your system is regularly reviewed and maintained. An ESSC expert engineer is dedicated for the time and intervals you specify to remotely access your systems to monitor and recommend changes to enhance system stability and performance.

Service Level Agreements

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is key to measuring the success of a supported solution.  The ESSC provides a range of service level agreements that meets the priorities of your organization and specific business needs.

Service Level or Operational Agreements can be employed between the ESSC and other support or product vendors in order to facilitate issue resolution and maximize availability of your solution.

Service Management

Service Management provides greater visibility and opportunities for feedback on ESSC support activities through regularly scheduled meetings and frequent communication with your organisation’s technical management and staff. Your ESSC Service Delivery Manager is the first point of contact for service questions and to facilitate resolution of technical escalations.

Service and Solution Reporting

Periodic reporting on service activities, service level achievement, environment status, maintenance and licensing information contributes to effective management of business solutions. With proactive Support Services, ESSC reporting can be tailored to meet your business needs.

Service Window

The ESSC provides services during the hours that suit your business best. Whether it’s Priority 1 response 7/24, support during working hours, or a customized service window to meet business needs, the ESSC’s blended shoring of support engineers provides rapid response to your request.

Solution Support

Mission-critical Middleware applications combine vendor-supplied products and customized code to enable business needs to be fulfilled.  The ESSC offers a unique synthesis of vendor product support, support for a wide range of third party and Open Source products, and support for the customization implemented in your specific environment.

As with product support, the ESSC leverages the proven knowledge and experience of our integration partners to help you maintain a functioning and accessible business solution.

Support Voucher

The ESSC Support Voucher provides assurance of assistance for support and operational activities when needed. ESSC engineers  work on site and remotely to perform a wide variety of planned tasks, such as application tuning, system health checks and audits, or on-site troubleshooting.

Capacity Management

Capacity Management continually assesses your environment to help you ensure that hardware and software components meet current and future business requirements in a cost-effective manner.

The ESSC can help you setup, train, document, your Capacity Management activities and will provide insight into best practices and opportunities for accurate Capacity Management analysis and planning.

Change Management

Changes will occur to business requirements and work flow during the life cycle of a solution. ESSC engineers can assist with those changes by leveraging our skills to perform scope and impact analysis, including documentation, of your change management system.  The ESSC will work with you as a contributor, user, or developer for a comprehensive Change Management process.

Escalation Management

Middleware applications are at the core of a mission critical environment, which places the ESSC in a unique position to assist your organization in managing and coordinating resolution of Priority 1 issues.  The ESSC Escalation Management service provides an experienced Service Manager to consolidate the activities of third parties, even in cases where ESSC Support Services are not directly involved.

Incident Management

The ESSC provides “Peace of Mind” for your solution and environment through a thorough internal Incident Management process fully utilizing the skills and experience of our Senior Support Engineers and Service Delivery Management.

If requested, the ESSC may be able to utilize your existing Incident Management systems and processes in support delivery for your environment, including connection (via e-mail) or direct access to your ticketing system for incident support.

If a process does not exist, the ESSC can provide assistance for best practices and processes and help you to communicate and raise awareness of processes, as well as providing training to staff and users.

License Management

ESSC maintains all Solution license information, performs license audits and provides advice on purchasing new or additional licenses to ensure that you meet the requirements for your organization in accordance with product vendor guidelines.

Patch Management

Maintaining an updated Solution is a key service for maximizing availability. For instance, over 90% of security exploits are carried out through vulnerabilities for which there are known patches.

With the Patch Management service, the ESSC will work with your staff to identify and recommend patches that are applicable to your solution, and provides estimated impact and resource requirements to assist you in implementation planning.

Problem Management

The ESSC continually reviews service requests from our customers, monitoring for issues and incidents with a common cause or symptoms. When a Problem is identified, the ESSC will notify you and provide an action plan for preventing or resolving the issue in your environment.

If you have implemented a Problem Management system, the ESSC will work with your existing processes to ensure that Problems are identified, categorized, analyzed and communicated to your organization in accordance with your procedures.

If needed, the ESSC can setup a Problem Management process with documentation, templates, and forms.  We can help with a program to communicate and raise awareness of processes, as well as providing training to staff and users.

Acceptance (OTA) Environment Maintenance

Maintenance of an Acceptance Environment that accurately reflects your current production environment is essential to sustainability and stability of a complex Middleware Application. The ESSC can assist by maintaining existing Acceptance facilities, or creating new facilities at an ESSC location (Mirrored Environment).

Disaster Recover Planning

The ESSC provides solution-based Disaster Recovery Planning to help minimize recovery time in case of total loss of systems due to a calamity.  Dependencies between your solution, products, and other vendors are identified, analyzed, and documentation provided to include in your organization’s business continuity plan.


With both Standard and Premium services contracts, the ESSC will maintain internal documentation to ensure we can accurately support your environment.

With the additional Documentation service, the ESSC ensure that documentation is revised as needed, reviewed regularly, and provided to you in the format used by your organization. Our senior engineers will ensure that the correct information is always available for you to support your customers and users.

Enhanced Reporting

Enhanced reporting is a component of ESSC Advanced Support Services. The ESSC will draw information from multiple sources within your environment, from monitoring, ticket systems, and other platforms, and deliver a periodic report (monthly, quarterly, or annual) to your specifications.

Forward Compatibility

Forward Compatibility ensures the continued operation of your solution as changes in the product or customization take place. The ESSC, using an up-to-date acceptance environment, analyses each product or solution update, tests installation and impact to the environment, and provides documentation to your staff on implementation.

Help Desk Services

Help Desk Services provide our customers with unlimited assistance on general questions about their environment, installed products, or solution. Using Help Desk services, ESSC customers can use Supportal to access an ESSC engineer for updates on the latest patches, best practice advice, and other low priority service questions.

Help Desk requests are responded to by an ESSC engineer within 2 working days, and will be closed within 1 working day of a response. Additionally, Help Desk requests do not involve extensive troubleshooting or access to your systems for resolution.

Test and Acceptance Environment Maintenance

The ESSC relies on an accurate Test and Acceptance environment (OTA) in order to provide support for customization in your production system. By utilizing our experience in Identity Management, and leveraging the depth of knowledge of our partners in Agile and other development methodologies, the ESSC can optimize, document and maintain your OTA environment to enable accurate troubleshooting and resolution of issues.

Monitoring in AMC

The ESSC monitoring service in our AMC (Application Monitoring Center) is designed to help you maximize availability of your business critical environments, while minimizing ESSC response time in emergencies by proactive analysis and actions to prevent issues from occurring.

The ESSC combines extensive expertise and experience in Solution Technologies with a customized monitoring application specifically targeted to Identity, Access, Portal and Security Solutions. Our proactive approach to technical support sets the standard for mission- and business-critical continuity.

The ESSC will provide a monitoring system for your environment, or will align our monitoring service to leverage your existing system.

Solution Audit

Similar to a System Health Check, a Solution Audit analyses and reports on your full solution, and provides an overview of the support ability and stability of components. Typically, a Solution Audit will review availability of documentation, customization, and product or patch levels in the environment as well as system health and performance.

System Health Check

Periodic system and solution health checks are fundamental to the long-term operation of dynamic, business critical solutions. ESSC engineers are available to provide analysis of designated systems with reporting and recommendations on proactive measures to ensure stability.


The ESSC can provide customized training on your solution and products for your IT staff and end users.  Our training helps to “complete the circle” between product knowledge and business drivers for local support of your applications and solution.


The ESSC can assist you to setup, provide instruction, implement best practices, and document your version control system. Our wide range of clients provides insight into how versioning can enable a more efficient and less defect prone customized solution.