Organizations who have contracted ESSC share similar requirements in demand of the value-add in receiving the required operational excellence. Some of their reasons to work with ESSC are:

  • A Single Point of Contact for the business continuity of the IAM production environment, for immediate response in case of a service request, and coordination of change management.
  • The project-team with developers can’t guarantee availability, since they’re prioritizing on development, but dedicated availability in expertise is required.
  • The software vendor doesn’t support customizations, and the Integrator can’t guarantee availability.
  • Running a 24×7 business can be complex if you require reliable KPI’s.
  • The IAM Solution is complex and business critical by nature, therefore IAM experts who can act immediately during 24×7 are required.
  • “Best-effort” doesn’t cover the needs, and guaranteed KPI’s do.
  • In the current market the demand in IAM capabilities and expertise is growing rapidly, and the supply is staying behind and getting more expensive. Therefore companies reallocate support expertise to development, and outtask support services to ESSC, with even better results against a lower investment.
  • Maintaining a future proof IAM Solution requires an independent “advocate” and/or “gatekeeper” for the IAM Solution, and has the network with the Vendor and cooperates with the Integrator.
  • Costs increase, therefor control is required with a fixed-price arrangement.
  • The 24×7 economy require your Solution to be up-and-running 24×7.
  • Companies that move to 24×7, but can’t justify the costs.
  • Your customers need to rely on the availability of your systems.

Do you recognize yourself in the some of the statement above? At ESSC we focus on your requirements, and are flexible in breathing up- and down with your dynamics. If you require any further information don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us here.